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We at Optaplus use high tech machines and equiptment to serve your quality product
Types of Machines & Equipment
1. Film Extrusion
Produce  plastic tubing
2. Automatic Blow Moulding
Produce plastic container (bottles)
3. Automatic Injection Moulding
Produce cap and insert
4. Robotic Arm
Attached to injection mach. to
ease production process.
5. Chiller
Chill the water before flow to mach. Cooling system.
6. Cooling Tower
Dissipated heat from the water flowing out from the mach. Cooling system
7.  Plastic Crusher
Crush  rejected product for reuse.
8. Air Compressor
Compressed air needed in the production process
9. Automatic Feeder (Auto Loader)
Feed  material into the   machine.
10.Cutting & Sealing
Cut and seal the tubing to form a bag also known as bag making.
11.Water Pump
To flow the water into the cooling system
Print graphic to the plastik beg
13.Press Machine
Forming  a pre determined design  which acts aholding area
We believe the cultivation of quality consciousness in the management and manufacturing operation system will produce products and services that assure to fufill the client specifications and requirements. Our close relation with our corporate customers has enable us to produce products which are tailor-made to their needs. We look at the product improvement as an ongoing process so as to give an excellent service to current and future potential clients.
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Malaysia produces more than 60% of the resins used for the manufacture of plastics. Malaysia’s exports of plastics in primary forms make up 51.5% of plastics exports in 2003. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia are the major consumers of Malaysian plastics in primary forms which include HDPE, LDPE,PP,PET,PVC,PS, and ABS

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