Optaplus Sdn Bhd is a manufacturing concern producing plastic bags,plastic printed bags,shopping bags,edible oil bags,Hdpe bags,PP bags,Ldpe bags,food packaging bags,biohazard bags,agriculture bags,Hdpe containers,bottles,10 litre containers,10 litre,20 litre,25 litre jerrycans,caps,insert,industrial scrap,recycled materials and other products which is involving in blow moulding,injection moulding,and blow film technology. Its operation started in November 1994, to produce plastic sheets and bags for consumers and industrial market.  Presently, its operation expands into production of plastic components and containers.

We supply to industrial market where a bigger portion of our output goes to pharmaceutical,medical,food industries,chemical,cooking oil industries and goverment hospitals products manufacturer. Our proper manufacturing and quality system enable us to produce quality products which adhere to our quality driven corporate customers.
From its inception until middle 1999, 90% of our output goes to manufacturing products. Following our expansion exercise in 1999 and while maintaining our present market portfolio we are moving into open market; producing plastic products to cater for open market needs.  Further to that we are also exporting our products namely bags through our collaboration with other manufacturers.

To strengthen our footage we made a debut into hospitals and clinics supplying consumables and disposables items beginning year 2002. We are also a registered supplier to Ministry of Finance under the heading as detailed in the attachment. Our future marketing plan will spearhead towards becoming a corporate vendor to chemical,medical and health industry.

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Malaysia produces more than 60% of the resins used for the manufacture of plastics. Malaysia’s exports of plastics in primary forms make up 51.5% of plastics exports in 2003. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia are the major consumers of Malaysian plastics in primary forms which include HDPE, LDPE,PP,PET,PVC,PS, and ABS

Optaplus Sdn.Bhd. is being supported by experience management team who has been dedicated in our operation success.