Plastic Recycle
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Malaysia produces more than 60% of the resins used for the manufacture of plastics. Malaysia’s exports of plastics in primary forms make up 51.5% of plastics exports in 2003. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia are the major consumers of Malaysian plastics in primary forms which include HDPE, LDPE,PP,PET,PVC,PS, and ABS
LDPE /HDPE Scrap (Plastic Film)
PP Scrap (Plastic Film)
Hdpe Scrap (Plastic moulding)
PET Scrap (drinking bottles)
HDPE (bottles & containers)
Recycle Your Plastic Here
Mix scrap bottle(HDPE,PP,PET)
We are also a leading waste recycling group in Malaysia providing a wide range of waste recycling activities such as plastic waste recycling rubbish/waste disposal services and sub-contract recycling services.
Since a decade ago,we first  collect the scrap from our own production rejected plastic,after that we ventured into the plastic recycling industry and has now expended our core activities to include rubbish/waste disposal services and trading stretch films for industrial use.

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